Stella Michaels

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    Stella Michaels is contemporary painter born and raised in New York. She has been described as a channel of the past traveling on a highway to the future; a medium between people and paintings. She acquired her Master of Fine Arts from New York University. Her work traces the boundaries of spontaneity & precision in equal measure. The unique applications of colors and textures, blending high gloss enamels and acrylics through varied techniques, have given rise to creations that are included in some of the most exclusive public and private collections worldwide. Her exceptional data base of clients are known to return year after year, searching for new gems to add to their collection, sometimes purchasing several pieces at a time to put on rotational display. Stella is best known for her blend of pop-art sensibility and abstract presentation, coupled with a signature rock ‘n roll swagger. The paintings embody sound & vision; spontaneous cliff notes to choreographed dances that give life to raw canvas. Her reckless masterpieces tell the story of a life spent on the road less traveled. Stella Michaels’ work is the result of her experimentation with metals, acrylics, enamels, & paper appliqués, creating a symphony of visual rhythms & sounds that resonate from ambiance to power pop.

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