Thomas Wray

Installation by Thomas Wray / 12845Installation by Thomas Wray / 12844Installation by Thomas Wray / 12843Installation by Thomas Wray / 12842Installation by Thomas Wray / 12841

Born 1990, Thomas Wray is from a working class Scottish Italian family. Born and raised in Manchester UK Wray studded his BA in Fine art at Liverpool School of Art and graduated in 2011.

After working for a few years he then moved to Ghana West Africa were he volunteered for a charity helping to build Schools for 3 months.

Wray later stared his M.F.A at Manchester School of Art were he was able to Studying Sculpture Accademia di Belle Arti Venezia (Oct 2014 – Mar 2015) graduating in 2015.

Working across all mediums I have a deeply held belief that the aesthetic must be on a par with the conceptual nature of a work. My work primarily explores and observes the relationship between materials they’re cultural history they hold.
Working with materials such as Red Wine Ash and White Feathers, I intend to open up a dialogue with the viewer, creating visually striking works. That speak to the viewers by putting emphasis on the sheer beauty of the used matter.

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