Toby Gotesman Schneier

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    About Toby Gotesman Schneier is an American, Mannerist, Expressionist , Oil Painter, best known for her unique ability to transform seemingly ordinary objects, scenes, and events into jarring and provocative works of art… Strong ties to her Judaism and Femininity are conspicuous throughout the paintings… It has been frequently noted that her work evokes a poignant sense of nostalgia and sentiment, even longing in the viewer, as the pieces appear to be laced with familiarity, ethnicity, & a heightened sense of irony and/or humor…. Her masterful use of color, shape, and flat frontal weight, has earned her much acclaim among critics, curators, and collectors alike, likening her continuously to the ‘French Fauvists’…. As one becomes aware of Toby Gotesman Schneier’s background, being the daughter of Holocaust Survivors, as well as a formidable and recognized figure in Religious, Philanthropic, and Political Life, one can begin to understand and decipher a level of “coding” and “mission” embedded within the paintings… never knowing for certain whether the area in question was somehow accidental or purely strategic on the artist’s part… This kind of “intriguing symbolism” has become a signature of Gotesman Schneier’s work… Her Holocaust Collection , which she began painting in 2013, has gleaned extensive attention from the International, Jewish Community. Yad Vashem, the world’s Foremost Holocaust Memorial Institution, located in Israel, has recently included her Artist File on Toby Gotesman Schneier in their International Archive of Holocaust Art. The paintings are housed in several ‘known’, private collections and have been exhibited in distinguished galleries nationwide….

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