Vincent Tanguy

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    Born in 1990 and lives in Paris, Vincent Tanguy is a multi-disciplined artist who makes performances, sculptures, photographs and videos. He develops a stimulating artistic practice in which digital ‘deluge’, globalization effects and the hybridization between physical reality and virtual interfaces are transformed by his singular poetry and humor.

    In June 2019, over the course of a stay in China, artist Vincent Tanguy decided to lock himself up for a total of five days in a rough space of a house in the Dream Bay district – a suburban neighborhood of Shanghai – with nothing but a smartphone and 500 yuan (60 euros) worth of credit. The challenge consisted in living off digital platforms and home delivery services only, in an attempt to push the boundaries of this absurd lifestyle to an extreme. Soon, all sorts of items started piling up, gradually improving the homeliness and material comfort of the place. The live documented experiment gave way to a multi-platform performance called The Convenient Life, now oddly reminiscent of what life has become for millions of people around the globe over the past few months.

    The Convenient Life
    5 days, from June 1st to June 6th, 2019
    Cross-platform performance
    Cement Park Live House, SOWERART Space, Shanghai, China
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