Vivian Lu

  • Mixed Media by Vivian Lu / 12936Mixed Media by Vivian Lu / 12935Mixed Media by Vivian Lu / 12934

    Vivian Lu, a Macau-based visual designer who has worked on exceptional stage and performance productions to much market applause. From theatre set visuals to costume designs, runway shows to large, elaborate events for large corporations such as banks, Lu delivered over 60 shows in the past five years. She attended one of the top design universities – Central Saint Martins and has been executing shows internationally, cultivating production and designs not only in her home country, but also in Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal and London.

    Vivian Lu has also won the DFA design for Asia award in Hong Kong for this set which celebrates design excellence and acknowledging outstanding designs. She has also received recognition by Hong Kong’s Mediazone 10th Hong Kong Most Valuable Company with “The Specialist in Stage & Event Design” in 2016.

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