Alessandra Genualdo

Illustration by Alessandra Genualdo / 6628Illustration by Alessandra Genualdo / 6627Illustration by Alessandra Genualdo / 6626Illustration by Alessandra Genualdo / 6625Illustration by Alessandra Genualdo / 6624

Alessandra Genualdo is an Italian illustrator and painter based in East London, where she lives with her dog Kira. Her work is mainly realised in gouache and coloured pencil, taking inspiration from what surrounds her, nature and the female body. Alessandra’s pictures express the pleasure taken in simple moments from everyday life, the characters’ connection with nature through elements of greenery and flowers, and the positive connotation of solitude. Her client list ranges from magazines to fashion brands, and art galleries. She is also an illustration tutor at the Chelsea College of Arts, part of the University of the Arts of London.

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