Alexandra Dvornikova

Illustration by Alexandra Dvornikova / 7025Illustration by Alexandra Dvornikova / 7024Illustration by Alexandra Dvornikova / 7023Illustration by Alexandra Dvornikova / 7022Illustration by Alexandra Dvornikova / 7021

My name is Alexandra Dvornikova, I’m independent illustrator from Saint Petersburg, Russia, currently I live in North London. I’m 26 years old. I studied in Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, printmaking technology and graphics department. Also I studied art-therapy. But in digital illustration I’m self-taught. I love forest, music, animals, wilderness, moss and lichens, mushrooms. I’m inspired by memories of russian fairy tales that I’ve heard when I was a child, ecology, nature, masks, rituals, death, night, childhood experience, folklore, medieval art, archetypes, human’s brain, carnivorous plants, venomous or dangerous things, loneliness, mori girls, vintage dresses, cozy cabins lost in a forest.

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