Cristina Troufa

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Cristina Troufa is a Portuguese artist born and based in Porto, Portugal. Holds a Licentiate Degree in Painting (1998) and a Masters Degree in Painting (2012), both in FBAUP (University of Fine Arts of Porto). Cristina Troufa wants to consolidate the idea of a self-portrait and/or self-representation but for other hand wants to reflect on a spiritual, emotional, and psychological inner self-portrait, that may be done conceptually. She uses her own image in autobiographical paintings that explore her life and spiritual beliefs. As a form of self-knowledge and self-questioning, her work explores an inner world in a symbolic way, which remains inaccessible to the voyeur that can only guess what each painting represents. The artist describe her work as: “…something spiritual, a route between several lives and several times in the same life, coexisting side by side from strategies of self-representation that ultimately, question the meaning of life”…”The theme of my work is about my life, about myself and my beliefs. I explore in my work the self-representation in the looking for my inner self, my self-portrait.”

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