Camila Valdez

Sculpture by Camila Valdez / 11073Sculpture by Camila Valdez / 11072Sculpture by Camila Valdez / 11070Sculpture by Camila Valdez / 11068Sculpture by Camila Valdez / 11019Sculpture by Camila Valdez / 11017Sculpture by Camila Valdez / 11016

Camila Valdez (1984) is an industrial designer and artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina who blends both of her professions to create hyper realistic leggy dessert sculptures in table-top and human size. Her sculptures are inspired by the secret esthetics of everyday products. Objects, in this case desserts, express their feelings to Camila through their colors, shapes and styles. She says “If a Cupcake is good looking eye-candy, it’s saying come and get me!”

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