Elif Tutka

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In her works, the artist aims to combine absolute reality with the visual effects of art on nature. In this regard, she associates optical fiction with scientific theories while profiting from nature’s richness and beauty. What she showcases is a blend of these concepts with abstract values and concrete reality.

The starting point of Tutka’s work was initially to create ironic impressions with insects. For this, she started by painting hyper-realistic insects on bright, flashy colors. The tiny insects were depicted on a grand scale in order to create and emphasize these contrasts. She then went on to decorating these paintings with designs made with spray paint. With such designs, what she obtained were optical effects, which left a mark on her as to the importance of time and space and both the abstract and the concrete parts of science. Her work thus evolved into the search for a combination of science and esthetics.

Tutka’s materials of choice are usually oilpainting and acrylic.

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