Micaela Lattanzio

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Fragmenta, A Journey beyond the body, is a series of works characterized by a sculptural fragmentation, highlighting women issues in our century. The artist proposes a new corpus of 16 works defined by her peculiar compositional technique, exploring socio-political themes such as gender equality, the empowerment of women, identity issues. The series is not a criticism, but rather a reflection on understanding the world, human being is an integral part of a complex system that is facing an evolutionary process in which it is imperative to find new identities and a social equality. Micaela Lattanzio’s research is defined by a further installative dimension: her site specific interventions, exhibited in recent years, represent the monumental measure of her work. Particularly worthy of note is SandCloud installation, located on a sandy floor, Flower Waterfall, permanent aerial installation located in the city of Poznan and her intervention entitled where are the flowers gone, a huge spatial work covering the entire surface of a room consisting of 7,000 handmade paper flowers, hosted at MAAM, the Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere of Metropoliz, a container of different artistic matrices that has been at the center of the national and international media coverage. Since 2016 her work has been acquired by the Royal Carribbean collection with six different site specific installations. In March 2018 the songwriter and poet Mary Lambert has selected Fragmenta as cover of her latest poetry book titled “Shame is an Ocean I Swim Across” published by Macmillan.

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