Hilary Littke

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Hilary Littke is a conceptual photographer based out of Seattle, Washington. Digital manipulation has always been a large focus with her art and is what began her interest in ever picking up a camera. Pulling inspiration from surrealist painter, René Magritte and, author, Henry David Thoreau she formed a concept that tied together her love of surrealism, transcendentalism, and capturing the human form. Her series, Flora Persona, in a statement on the modern, urban lifestyle of the Western world; this lifestyle that is so intoxicated with technology and urbanization that we, in many cases, entirely separate ourselves from nature and even feel as though we own it. Flora Persona is a lighthearted reminder that, as human beings, we ARE nature; not these higher creatures that live completely secluded in our manmade ammenies, stomping all over the world like we own it.

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