Kristen Reichert

Painting by Kristen Reichert / 10102Painting by Kristen Reichert / 10023Painting by Kristen Reichert / 10022Painting by Kristen Reichert / 10021Painting by Kristen Reichert / 10020Painting by Kristen Reichert / 10019

Kristen Reichert is a contemporary artist who creates realistic figures laden in vibrant color. She often features contrasting pairings in her work in order to embrace the beauty that lies in tension. Her work combines disparate mediums and techniques such as airbrushed acrylic and traditional oil portraiture. This combination of the traditional versus the experimental illustrates Reichert’s deep interest in exploring and reinterpreting traditional practices. The resulting push and pull of her process seeps into the way her figures appear: close yet distant, realistic yet manufactured, strange yet familiar.

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