Yvonne Coleman Burney

Collage by Yvonne Coleman Burney / 14331Collage by Yvonne Coleman Burney / 14330Collage by Yvonne Coleman Burney / 14329Collage by Yvonne Coleman Burney / 14328Collage by Yvonne Coleman Burney / 14327

Yvonne is a native of California, a self-taught artist who is passionate about flowers, the Universe, and tiny animals in the garden. The delicacy and strength of being a woman and the many situations they rise from along with the colors and beauty of flowers are the essence of her inspirations for her Women in Bloom collection. Yvonne is a mixed media collage artist by vocation, a digital collage artist who uses both paper, paint, and digital elements to create her work. She is devoted to exploring the many possibilities that are always available with a keen eye and open imagination using a creative force. Yvonne has four areas of art in which she works, Women in Bloom collection, her Afro-Surreal work, Afrofuturism, and Black Lives Matter which is her paper collages in which she can use her voice to express emotions from the past to the present forming the stories of her life in a collage form that anyone from her culture can relate to.

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