Efi Logginou

Photography by Efi Logginou / 7532Photography by Efi Logginou / 7531Photography by Efi Logginou / 7042Photography by Efi Logginou / 7041Photography by Efi Logginou / 7040Photography by Efi Logginou / 7039

I’m Efi Logginou. I was born in Sweden, I moved to Greece when I was 6 and the last two and a half years I’m living in Berlin. I’m an actress, but I also love photography. I always liked to photograph people and especially strangers. With photography I rediscover the world around me and inside me. It is an observation and communication game, that never ends. Life is moving and I am following that. What I see and maybe what I can not see, it is in my photos. A photo can create a lightness of being. Like poetry.

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