Fabrice Cilpa

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I live in Lyon and practice photography since 3 years. I’m also passionate about cinema. I had already written and directed several short films and one feature film which was selected at the Overlook film festival of Rome in 2014. I decided to focus on photography because of freedom that it brings. You can make your own decisions in the whole creative process. Street photography also means infinite possibilities, that’s what motivates me when i go out to shoot. The street is always here, waiting for me, whatever the time, whatever the season. I am a photographer for whom color is important. I try to use colors to express feelings. Playing with shadows and lights is a way to shoot the best part of what colors can bring us. About this series entitled “Playground”, I was at a concert in a parc, it was a sunday afternoon. The music was quite good but my attention was attracted by the special architectur of a playground installed a few meters away. At this moment i was hoping for a miracle to happen so that i could photograph in the best way this exceptionnal place. And the miracle happened. A group of children came up and started to play with water and a soccer ball. The light,the decor, the characters: everything was in its place. This is the kind of moment when you tell to yourself: this is what photography is about, the right time and the right place. I started to shoot.

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