Gjert Rognli

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    With the photography project “What nature knows”, Rognli draws in references from his affiliation with Arctic Northern Norway, to light, darkness and the seasons. He transforms ordinary landscapes into an enigmatic place to be and takes us on a visual experience in the evening and the atmosphere of the night. In the project he immerses light installations in water, and creates harmony where there is conflict between the elements. He illuminates nature with LED-light and luminescent material.

    BIO: The forces of nature are at the heart of Gjert Rognli`s award- winning practice, where references to everyday life, mythology and the surreal meet. He works as a multimedia artist, where he uses a wide range of media, including film, sound, sculpture, photography and performance. Rognli has received numerous international awards for his work with photography and film, and had many exhibitions at home and abroad, among others at the Louvre museum in Paris.

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