Jiannan Wu

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Jiannan Wu, born in 1990 in Dalian, China, is an artist specializing in sculpture. He is the Elected Member of American National Sculpture Society, member of American Medallic Sculpture Association, and World Economic Forum Global Shaper of Dalian Hub. Jiannan Wu received his BFA Degree in Sculpture from China Academy of Art and his MFA Degree in Sculpture from New York Academy of Art. Through formats of relief and diorama, Jiannan Wu presents the theme of contemporary urban life in a realism and narrative way.

Jiannan Wu is the recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant, winner of 2017 Dexter Jones Award presented by American National Sculpture Society, winner of Compleat Sculptor Award, and other awards. He is selected as 2020 AACYF Top 30 Under 30 presented by All America Chinese Youth Federation. His work is recognized as The Best Original Sculpture in 2019 by Sculpture Magazine of China.

“Country Love” is a series of color reliefs with the theme of daily life in rural areas in northeast China. In this series of sculptures, Jiannan Wu presents the “people” and “objects” in contemporary rural China from different angles to show the country culture in northeast China, especially the changes and new social relations out of the collision between foreign pop culture and the local traditional customs, and the anxiety about the localism and identity since the 1990s.

Jiannan Wu currently works and lives in the New York City.

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