Valérie SIX

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Born in the North of France and currently based in Bordeaux, I grew up in a family composed equally of artists and engineers. Attracted by the oriental civilizations, I studied Chinese and made a career in the field of international development before discovering me a passion for photography during a trip to Dubai in 2012. Everything went on very quickly since then with photo workshops in Arles and Bordeaux, a training of a few months at French Gobelins “Ecole de l’image”, and the risky but essential bet, in 2015, to put an end to my professional career to devote myself entirely to the photography. The numerous trips made during my professional life naturally brought me towards the cities and peri-urban areas that I constantly pace since then, in search of this precious alchemy between beauty, sense and emotion. Initially eager to transcribing the atmosphere of a specific town or a region, cities now appear to me as formidable fields of observation and exploration of our modern society: architecture, work, fashion, leisure, human ability to adapt to the changes… weave the backdrop, often in a little surrealist way, of my images. A way also for me to sound my own emotions and give meaning to more personal questions about the complexity of existence.

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