Joris Deweerd

Photography by Joris Deweerd / 7105Photography by Joris Deweerd / 7104Photography by Joris Deweerd / 7103Photography by Joris Deweerd / 7102Photography by Joris Deweerd / 7101

Joris is based on the Belgium coast. He’s graduated in ‘ fine arts’ , hold a certificate as photographer and a diploma as teacher ‘Arts Education’. His past and present is defined by waves of different creativities. From rock singer to movie maker, surreal painter till actor… As his father was already a professional photographer and moviemaker, photography is the ‘fill rouge’ in his life and something he is quite passionate about. Blessed with a vivid imagination, he tries to see how extraordinary his everyday life can be and how he can make photos beyond obvious. His photos are the storytelling results of his fantasy and inspiration of the moment.

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