Lale Akyol

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    Lale Akyol was born in 1963, Ankara. She began her arts education in 1999 with Saadet Gözde as focusing on drawing and watercolor. She continued her works between 2000 – 2002 with Sabri Akça. In 2003 she continued working on watercolor with Orhan Gürel in his atelier, also she worked with Işıl Özışık in 2005. At the same time, between 2003-2009 she worked at Hikmet Çetinkaya Atelier focusing on oil paint. She keeped working on oil paint with Gülay Yüksel at 2010. She works at her personal atelier since then. She has performed 15 personal exhibitions, has been invited to well known art events like Dakar Art Fair and Florance Biennial, attended art fairs in Ankara and held more than 50 group exhibitions. Lale Akyol examines and questions birth, death and the life between them. She leads her audience to think about how life is miserably very short for some and about the unfinisihed dreams and hopes. She conveys this message through the women characters in her works. As to the artist, women are maybe the most affected ones by birth and death phenomenons, as feeling the deepest and tense emotions since they are able to give birth. She draws attention to the loss of babies, children and young people by using the butterflies as metaphors considering their short lives. She wishes by heart that we will all enjoy long lives as long as the olive branches and we will be connected to life with our hopes as we are connected to life once through the unbilical cords.

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