Manuel Ceballos Bailón

Photography by Manuel Ceballos Bailón / 1290Photography by Manuel Ceballos Bailón / 1289Photography by Manuel Ceballos Bailón / 1288Photography by Manuel Ceballos Bailón / 1287Photography by Manuel Ceballos Bailón / 1286

My name is Manuel Ceballos, graphic designer and photographer from Spain. I am the author of Pixon. This is a project postphotographic which presents an ironic form of feminine nude that would be censored photographs in Instagram for showing nipples. Through appropriation and manipulation, this project shares images found on the internet to this social network, inverting the order, censoring with the image pixels and only showing the nipples. This way challenges Instagram by exploring where the limits of censorship and suggests are a reflection of the censorship of the feminine body in this social network. You can see all the photos here.

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