Öykü Öge

Photography by Öykü Öge / 10636Photography by Öykü Öge / 10635Photography by Öykü Öge / 10634Photography by Öykü Öge / 10633Photography by Öykü Öge / 10632Photography by Öykü Öge / 10631Photography by Öykü Öge / 10630Photography by Öykü Öge / 10629Photography by Öykü Öge / 10628Photography by Öykü Öge / 10627

Öykü Öge, 1994, is an Istanbul based photographer. Spending her early ages in a small town in Turkey, she had quite much time to discover her inner interests and develop them. One of those was analog photography and it started by capturing her own friends. Within the realization of the strong impacts of the -so-called- negative emotions such as ‘unhappiness’ or ‘uneasiness’; she started to get fed by them and their murky environments. In Öge’s photography; the colors, the shapes or the subjects mildly echoes these emotions that human being force himself to suppress.

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