Russell Wrankle

Sculpture by Russell Wrankle / 9182Sculpture by Russell Wrankle / 9181Sculpture by Russell Wrankle / 9180Sculpture by Russell Wrankle / 9152Sculpture by Russell Wrankle / 9151Sculpture by Russell Wrankle / 9150Sculpture by Russell Wrankle / 9149Sculpture by Russell Wrankle / 9148

Russell Wrankle lives and teaches in Utah, USA and his work tells visual stories with the use of animal imagery. He continues to wrestle with existential questions of life and death through the symbolism of the human body and animals. His intensely saturated ceramic figures represent the decadence of worldly pleasures, a vibrant source of energy that is antithetical to death and dying. It is through embracing life and living that the pull of death and suffering is kept at a distance. Like Aesop’s Fables, animals such as dogs, rabbits, crabs, and frogs provide a vehicle to express the human condition. Animal imagery is the beginning of a deeper understanding of humanity.

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