Salih Özdemir

Digital by Salih Özdemir / 13931Digital by Salih Özdemir / 13930Digital by Salih Özdemir / 13929Digital by Salih Özdemir / 13928Digital by Salih Özdemir / 13927

I am Salih Özdemir. I was born in Samsun in 1994. I am known as ozartedit (ozart) on social media. I am interested in photography art and graphic design for many years and I still improve myself in this area. I am working as a graphic designer in a private company.
Because I love nature and traveling, I project what impresses me to my surrealist work thanks to my imagination.
It makes me happy to present these works to people’s taste. I believe in achiving my goals and share my works with more people. I will be pleased if you support me. With my best regards.

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