Sarah Binotto

  •  by Sarah Binotto / 1876 by Sarah Binotto / 1875 by Sarah Binotto / 1873 by Sarah Binotto / 1872 by Sarah Binotto / 1871

    The inspiration central to this series is light and how it can create expressive and perceivable evolutions throughout the passage of days and seasons. The effect upon the places selected by human interaction makes them ideal screens to project metaphorical dimensions onto. Workers with diverse ethnic, cultural and geographical backgrounds who embody different histories and memories, unite in places that become melting pots, which in the future will be homes to populations with multiple layers of experience. These spaces are also perceptual testing grounds for spectator participation. Places where time is suspended and the compositional approach forces the viewer to actively participate in the vision and free themselves from passive contemplation. The viewer will interact with the inherent characteristics of each place and simultaneously becomes co-author, projecting their own narrative, imagining their own history and evolution, based on their individual experience and cultural heritage.

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