Siya Fatih Gurbuz

Painting by Siya Fatih Gurbuz / 10804Painting by Siya Fatih Gurbuz / 10803Painting by Siya Fatih Gurbuz / 10802Painting by Siya Fatih Gurbuz / 10801Painting by Siya Fatih Gurbuz / 10800Painting by Siya Fatih Gurbuz / 10799Painting by Siya Fatih Gurbuz / 10798Painting by Siya Fatih Gurbuz / 10797Painting by Siya Fatih Gurbuz / 10796Painting by Siya Fatih Gurbuz / 10795

I examine the pscychosis of mind-spirit-body concepts in my works. My main objective is not to answering questions and impose them, but, to make audience ask questions and think. Nietzsche says that the main source of creation is nature and it encircles, feeds, and guides people. In this sense, for a person to understand the nature is to understand his/her own boundaries in universe. Thus, I build my compositions upon a nature-animal-human centered structure. The position of these three elements in the composition is independent of hierarchical arrangements. Plotline of the work and my spiritual movements make the significant contribution to embodiment of the composition. I aim to create a surrealistic atmosphere in my technically realistic works. I support that with current issues or mythological elements, I study the humans, which exists in an infinite space, and animals, which accompany them, as the main elements of the painting. Body and spirit, or, meaning and form… We can call it the dialectic harmony of the factual.

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