Camila Pinheiro

Illustration by Camila Pinheiro / 8872Illustration by Camila Pinheiro / 8871Illustration by Camila Pinheiro / 8870Illustration by Camila Pinheiro / 8869Illustration by Camila Pinheiro / 8868

Camila Pinheiro is a brazilian artist based in São Paulo. The appealing use of clean lines, colours and tropical landscapes in Camila Pinheiro’s distinctive illustrations hint at the Brazilian artist’s South American roots and high fashion background. She began her career studying fashion in São Paulo, before landing a job with Dior and then as a “cool hunter” for a range of brands. It was during that stint that she realised she wanted to know more about the branding behind the luxury labels, and that’s when she decided to become a designer and illustrator. After a little more studying under her belt, she worked for various branding agencies for six years and then decided to launch her own studio. Everything she produces has to have a narrative, a habit she developed in the marketing industry. © Camila Pinheiro

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