Domagoj Šokčević

Illustration by Domagoj Šokčević / 14307Illustration by Domagoj Šokčević / 14306Illustration by Domagoj Šokčević / 14305Illustration by Domagoj Šokčević / 14304Illustration by Domagoj Šokčević / 14303

I am a 22 years old Croatian Freelance Illustrator, Visual Artist and a Textile Designer student , who does illustrations of clean lines, shapes, textures, with variety of colors. Illustrations are inspired by everyday life situations and people. As my motto stands: ‘There is a story behind every design.’
With certain well-matched colors and arranged minimalist shapes, and the addition of a few textures, you can make fantastic illustrations. To me as a young artist who is still in affirmation, this promotion of my art would help and mean a lot to me. I’m looking forward to your response.

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