Raul Guillermo

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I’m a Peruvian documentary and fine art photographer based in Paris. I studied at SPEOS International Photographic School during 2016 – 2017. My past career was not oriented to photography, however, in 2016 I decided to follow my passion. I was afraid of doing it, but I was more afraid of being 40 and never take that ‘jump’. This was not a surprise considering that I’ve been taking any kind pictures since I was 16 and my sister bought her first camera. Description of the series: ‘Plage Isolée’ is located in different coast locations of France like Deauville, Étretat, Le Havre, Saint-Pierre Quiberon, Marseille, Biarritz, etc. I started this project officially in 2016 when I was traveling during these locations in winter. In fact, I realized that I started this journey years ago when I arrived in France. During 2015 I was living in Bordeaux and every weekend of summer I decided to go somewhere near the ocean to enjoy it. Nevertheless, at this period of my life, I realized that I enjoy the beach during summer, but I love the mystery of the beach during winter. I think that this kind of love feeling started in my child hood since I come from Lima and my house is located 10 minutes away from the Pacific ocean. I remember that the ocean is always been the place to meditate and to observe beauty in a different way. It was the escape I needed sometimes from traffic jams and daily routines. Therefore, these series is about showing this kind of beauty to the viewer and make him or she realize that they can find inspiration even in those circumstances. ‘Plage isolée’ is a reflection time about isolation and more slower type of living. One of the objectives of this project is to address the fact that isolation is not a bad thing. I believe that in life we will find moments that we will be alone and we need to confront things in order to get where we want to be. I believe that isolation is not a synonym of failure or being a weak person. I believe that people that take the time to be alone do it in order to recharge energy and come back stronger. During the project, I shoot landscapes, buildings, objects and people from behind. I believe that the back of a person can tell us a different story. I understand that they are looking for privacy and it should remain like that. I don’t need a face portrait of them. One important characteristic of the series is to show traces of human beings. It’s an evidence that there’s someone around and make us think about their lives. So in this way, the pictures are not about the buildings or objects that we are seen, is more about the type of living that these people can have in those places.

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