Fatma Demir

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I started the photo in 2011. I am taking pictures as an amateur. and live in Istanbul, Turkey. I only took up photography in 2011 when I joined IFSAK (Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association). In 2013 I graduated from a Photography degree at Eskisehir University. I’ve been lucky enough to have my photos nominated as “shot of the month” twice in National Geographic magazine, once in 2011 and again in 2014. They also awarded me the 1st prize in the “Sharing” category of their photography competition in 2013, they alsa awarded me the 2. Prize in the “Place” category of their photography compepetion in 2015 And Sony World photo organization awarded me the national awarded th 2. I was awarded title of AFIAP in December 2014. I am a street photographer.

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