Kraipuk Thanudkit

Photography by Kraipuk Thanudkit / 7255Photography by Kraipuk Thanudkit / 7254Photography by Kraipuk Thanudkit / 7253Photography by Kraipuk Thanudkit / 7252Photography by Kraipuk Thanudkit / 7251

Kraipuk Thanudkit comes from Thailand to study photography at Nottingham Trent University. The sunlight and UK atmosphere inspire me to do research and take street photography. Waiting for proper people to walk in my frame at the right time is a key importance of my photography. I use light and color technique to represent feeling in my photographs. “ We all have to walk through the shadow in order to find the light “ This is a main concept for this series ( Stage of Light ). I want to present this set as a runway of life. If we have to face a bad situation again, we can look back on what we have gone through. It will remind us to be strong and able to overcome difficulties in the future.

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