Tom Herck

Installation by Tom Herck / 12976Installation by Tom Herck / 12975Installation by Tom Herck / 12974Installation by Tom Herck / 12973Installation by Tom Herck / 12972

Using iconography and symbolism, Tom incorporates observations about developments and trends in classic and modern society, often using confrontational themes in his paintings, installations and sculptures. The violence and aggression he recurrently shows through his work are presented in a direct, bold and satirical manner. He increasingly attaches importance to the use of ideas and concepts in his works using sharp contrasts, both in colour and in topic.

Tom calls into question the societal role of religion, (social) media on the background of a progressive and highly individuating society. While mixing old forms with new ones and using various cultural icons his work causes a significant tension with the spectator. As such, the resulting –and at times paradoxical– consequences of ‘vanitas’ and ‘decay’ become important topics, which we mainly find back in all of his work.

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