Franc Kaiser

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Franc Kaiser is a Swiss national living in China since the last 2 decades. He is a self-taught painter, working with acrylics on large cardboards, and creates haunting, realistic creatures, interspersed with fantastic tropes. His subject of choice are often small domestic animals with grand surreal or sci-fi themes. He explores themes such as our repressed consciousness of the food chain and the ruthless biology of life. Apart from darker themes, there are also plenty of satirical and humorous elements in his paintings, with some references to 1970s sci-fi illustrators. Franc interprets “biology” as a vibrant force, both threatening and transcending. Although Chinese or Asian design elements are rarely found in his work, the subjects express just that “fish out of water” allegory. Franc’s daily feeling and experience of living in a different, alien culture and context reflects in both fascination and fear, opportunity and shortcomings, and brood behind the surface of his paintings.

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