Gonzalo Garcia Gaitan

Painting by Gonzalo Garcia Gaitan / 12916Painting by Gonzalo Garcia Gaitan / 12915Painting by Gonzalo Garcia Gaitan / 12914

Gonzalo Garcia (Bogota, 1981) I ´ve been fascinated by mastering multiple techniques such as acrylic, watercolor and oil painting, sculpture, and electronic media, making a prolific body of work that enriches the display of my work. As an artist, I am concerned about the intricate relationship between time, identity and technology, and how these concepts are traditionally managed by multiples agents associated with the exercise of power. Over the years I developed an increasing interest in how technology shapes the way in which we perceive the world around us and how we relate with objects in everyday life. I define it as the ”technocultural landscape” which is referred to the interactions between, and politics of, technology and culture and how it affects the concepts of “self”.

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