Henrik Emtkjær Hansen

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Denmark-based photographer Henrik Emtkjær Hansen is drawn to mysterious regions near the Wadden Sea, capturing areas along its dikes at times of silence, when few people populate the low-lying marshland. Casting his images in sometimes moody tones, Hansen creates a poetic vision of the Denmark shoreline, imbuing the natural landscape with emotive, yet minimal powers, but almost always seeking out to imbed some sort of human fingerprint in his photography. On the search for not so romantic visions of the landscape, he also looks for the more common and ordinary, letting his photographs create their own narratives in a more documenting way. “I live in Ribe, which is a an old town, actually the oldest in Denmark. Lots of historical sites here. I’m very interested in the landscape around the city though. The Wadden Sea is basically a few kilometers away from my house and I often go there to explore an unwind. It’s a very contrasty landscape with either strong wind and harsh weather, or calm, almost thick fog rolling in from the sea, covering the rural flat area in some sort of mysterious blanket, and just leaving it there for a while. When photographing in the fog or mist, it’s like there’s something more to understand, something unseen, and I want my photography to show that.” Henrik Emtkjær Hansen

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