Juan Carlos Urrutia

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I am a venezuelan artist. I studied Graphic Design, Visual Arts, Combined Languages and Intangible Cultural Heritage. My research delves into affective geography by recovering and resignifying residual matters that he presents as surveys of nature, the environment, migratory tensions and aspects of Latin American history and culture. I work in the development of community artistic projects, in the design of spaces and in the realization of sustainable furniture. I live and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I produce hybrid objects that enable impossible dialogues from their own materialities. I link bodily, vegetable, mineral and artificial waste from a poetics of contrariety. There are no organic affinities but indications of a forced making of the constitution of a strange but harmonious, a quasi-natural body; where both materialities are supposed to be the prosthesis of their counterpart although they are nothing more than resignified vestiges of other bodies.

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