Lucía Meseguer

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Lucía Meseguer is a graphic designer by profession, but collagist by devotion. Since she was a child, she painted the walls of her room in colors, “et voilá”… in between all that scrawling her first collage was bornt? Within her professional career and during the years, she has experimented with this technique, unconsciously. She finds exiting to create as from a number of images of diverse origin, a vacational refuge, to breathe from the hurricane of her immediate day to day professional projects. Her Graffic Universe is divided in between the digital and the analogic, in between color, cutting and space. She is particularly captivated in grabbing old magazines and a pair of scissors, to then see what happens without losing her final objective. She creates a concept, with a good idea, an aesthetic, keeping always a balanced composition. In her creations, she rescues images from the happy 50’s, and give them a new conceptual frame – a new context where new characters and objects come alive, with a sparkling image of suggestive colors.. somewhere in between the oneiric and the hilarious. Lucía Meseguer uses the collage as a tool of enjoyment, as well as a way of creative liberation. She conceives her creations as graphic flashes full of colors with good doses of humor.

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