Özlem Çetin

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Özlem was born in İstanbul in 1985. She lives İstanbul. She studied Faculty of Visual Arts Teacher in Marmara University in İstanbul. She worked as the assistant of painter Murat Pulat for three years. She worked as art instructress in different organizations. She experienced the most insteresting period of her professional life in Erenköy Mental and Neurological Disease Hospital in art therapy lessons that she was the instructress of. After this experiences she has been working the depressed feelings of humanity, confrontations in their inner world, breakdown of the human’s relationship with nature and mutation as a result of the world changes by human touch on her compositions. She keeps creating art works in her personel atelier in Bostancı. Symbiotic Confrontation One of the basic life rules that modernism ignores is symbiosis. Symbiosis, in general, is a type relationship between living beings and this only occurs when all living beings participate to relationship benefit. Feeling of Symbiosis exits in most of our humanitarian emotions. This feeling stands in opposite of idea that ‘’life is a struggle’’. Symbiotic tendency in life rules refuses the idea of generalizing the small things and overrate them under the name of ‘’life struggle’’. Modernity squeezes the societies between the notions by enforcing its rules and and societies are standardized by these rules. However, human the social being, refuses the emotions that system creates and needs to face the inner emotions of own. But these people are marginalised and evoked lonely by society. For entire mankind, rather than hitting the cyber targets that system creates, turning to natural and social life will only be available by understanding that different aspects and feelings from their inner world can combine and live together. The pioneers of this transformation and the symbiotic confrontations in their inner world invite you to face the feelings in your inner world. The people getting lonely and reproduce by facing their loneliness.

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