Steffen Nicole Tuck

Photography by Steffen Nicole Tuck / 5705Photography by Steffen Nicole Tuck / 5704Photography by Steffen Nicole Tuck / 5703Photography by Steffen Nicole Tuck / 5702Photography by Steffen Nicole Tuck / 5701

Exploring urban environments to seek out the hidden visual treasure amongst the everyday and ordinary is where the ‘stuff’ (the minutiae of surface, shade, light and patina) is easily forgotten or buried in the hurried rush to live life. My architect’s eye looks to the built to find relationships between forms, or to the soft landscape for juxtapositions and intrusion. A reductionist viewpoint allows a new and heightened reality to be portrayed. This reality re-read shifts the view slightly to the left, revealing the “other” previously unseen or missed, and forecasts the hidden beauty through slight nuances and imperfections rather than grand gestures. The decoding of the normalcy, where daily use, habitation and disintegration through wear or weather, provides a subtle reminder of the transient and ever changing nature of our urban surroundings.

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