Sebastien Tixier

Photography by Sebastien Tixier / 2657Photography by Sebastien Tixier / 2656Photography by Sebastien Tixier / 2655Photography by Sebastien Tixier / 2654Photography by Sebastien Tixier / 2653

Over the last few decades, Greenland’s society has undergone profound transformation. Thus, as the environment shifts, its people began to embrace Western lifestyles and modes of consumption. Supermarkets, churches and cell phones are slowly making their way into Inuit culture. These radical and rapid changes raise questions about society and identity, and divide public opinion in Greenland. Its people are torn between a desire to catch up with the modern world, and a feeling that they are an ice population which, like the ice itself, is slowly melting away. “Allanngorpoq” in Greenlandic can be translated as “being transformed”. Sebastien Tixier traveled to Greenland at the beginning of 2013, staying with the local inhabitants of the towns and the northernmost dwellings he encountered. Based in Paris, he has been working as a photographer for almost a decade and has also created bodies of work in Japan, Russia and France. His photographs have been exhibited throughout Europe and in America.

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