Susana Freitas

Photography by Susana Freitas / 7668Photography by Susana Freitas / 7667Photography by Susana Freitas / 7666Photography by Susana Freitas / 7665Photography by Susana Freitas / 7664

I come from Lisbon, Portugal and I`m based in Cologne, Germany. I am a self-taught streetphotographer, I started more or less one and half year ago and shoot both in colour as in BW. My work is very instinctiv, I don`t think much about technique or plan situations. I want to see the soul of the picture, when I look at it. I want to feel the energy, the life in it, so I try not to be perceived when I shoot. I try to travel in my freetime and each diffent place inspires me, is always thrilling to be in a new city and melt with it.

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