Tomás Cavana Rohdenburg

Collage by Tomás Cavana Rohdenburg / 5688Collage by Tomás Cavana Rohdenburg / 5687Collage by Tomás Cavana Rohdenburg / 5686Collage by Tomás Cavana Rohdenburg / 5685Collage by Tomás Cavana Rohdenburg / 5684

I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am currently studying Multimedia Design. I cannot consider myself an artist because the time I have been doing what I do is very little and I do it as a hobby, although I try to promote myself as a freelance designer as I finish my design degree. I discovered the world of digital collage last year while looking for inspiration on Behance. I tried to make my first collage despite not knowing what I was doing, without having a clear idea of the message I wanted to bring. Generally, my collages try to give different points of view about the world we live or my own thoughts based on the everyday reality, always trying to maintain a vintage aesthetic, putting together old images with contemporary thoughts.

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