Vanessa van Houten

  • Photography by Vanessa van Houten / 1803Photography by Vanessa van Houten / 1802Photography by Vanessa van Houten / 1801Photography by Vanessa van Houten / 1800Photography by Vanessa van Houten / 1799

    ‘Raw’ is a series of portraits by photographic artist, Vanessa Van Houten. A lyrical representation, every subject is a living verse that portrayed a vanished time and revealed a sense of yearning for someone or something that has gone. Together, they have given birth to a melancholic hymn that could only be expressed from profound sincerity. They were universal voices originating from near and far, young and old, naïve and wise, -all encompassing a universal chorus that touches a tender nerve in one’s heart and soul. ‘Raw’ is a collection of images and writings that articulate a delicate metaphor, they convey significant imprints that were etched in the depths of the living spirit. They awaken the core of our senses and bring us closer to the world of unspoken words and unshed tears. They are mute, yet in their silence, they produce an echo that screams through the eyes of the subjects. Everyone’s gaze that radiated from a thousand mile distance was evocative and honest. They invite the viewer to take a closer look at the private sanctuary of human essence, as if in a whisper, they were saying, “Listen – just listen”.

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