Dina Alfasi

Photography by Dina Alfasi / 8305Photography by Dina Alfasi / 8304Photography by Dina Alfasi / 7797Photography by Dina Alfasi / 7796Photography by Dina Alfasi / 7795Photography by Dina Alfasi / 7794Photography by Dina Alfasi / 7793

I’m from Israel. Mother of 13 year old boy. In my work I’m Engineering Architecture. I’m not a professional photographer – but for me photography is a way of life. It’s like an additional sense that allows to tell a story through my eyes, my perspective. I shoot mostly street scenes and portraits, trying to capture intimate moments, the kind that carries a lot of emotions. Love, pain, fear, joy, no matter what emotion, as long as whoever looks at the picture will truly feel something. That the life of the viewer will be touched, sort of influenced, by the photo.

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