Victoria Marchenkova

  •  by Victoria Marchenkova / 1372 by Victoria Marchenkova / 1371 by Victoria Marchenkova / 1370

    The Future Is Female. Object. Lightbox, glass tubes, colorizers, lacquer, combustion products. 120x60x15 cm (47′ x 24′ x 6′ ). 2016 © Victoria Marchenkova, Courtesy the artist Millennials Alchemy project Millennials Alchemy project researches theme of domicilium for global nomads of contemporaneity. Feeling of home is ghostly and illusive for the new generation which travels a lot. Basic human need of shelter in mental layer became as obsessive as goldmaking for the alchemist. Historically being part of the interior or a ritual matter, carpet has recently got a significant role in contemporary art as a substantive object. It became an outreach of Islam in visual culture and subject to include traditional arts into mainstream discourse. We can recollect garden carpets from Iran exhibited by Roger M. Buergel at Documenta XII or Afghan carpets at the 3rd Moscow Biennale (curator – Jean-Hubert Martin). “The future is female” idiom first appeared in the 1970s as motto in American LGBT community and was actualized in last years by model and actress Cara Delevingne. This provocative motto comes to real – for instance, it seems that the world wants women as top political leaders… Islam has always been accused of being repressive to female, but now it’s obvious that Eastern women can’t complain for the lack of glam and beauty. Female substance in the East is much less a market good than in the West. Glamour and modesty of pink, reflections of glass tubes, backlight, laborious ornamental work of alchemic test-tubes is feminine vision for an anchor object which gives feeling of home for Millennial.