Charity White

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Charity White is a figurative ceramicist, artist educator, and community activist. Her research is rooted in an interdisciplinary and social practice approach to art and art education. This has propelled her into a variety of academic realms including race relations, gender studies, religious studies, and socio-economics. Currently, she is exhibiting nationally and living in Chicago, IL where she is a resident artist at Lillstreet Art Center and an adjunct professor at Governor State University. White received her Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from the University of Florida in 2016 and she is the recipient of the Newberry Library’s Arthur and Lila Weinberg Fellowship for Independent Researchers and the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant. White’s work explores questions of space, public policies, inclusion, exclusion, and privilege. She constructs institutional critiques by imposing her life-size figures in public spaces. These works highlight unseen policies and ideologies that drive our society. Her social interventions seek to make conscious the unnoticed consequences of urban design and invite the public to renegotiate the purpose of space and their place within it. Motion-sensor cameras and time-based photography are used to unobtrusively document the ways the public interacts with her figures. These fragmented recordings are artifacts of human engagement with space. The splintered narrative presents the disjointed relationship between the public, policy, and the organization of social space.

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