Debesh Goswami

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His sculptures and installations are characterized by the use of unusual materials . Goswami’s sculptures , photographies, installations and performances always evoke the theme of personal or collective identity.
The flowers , bread , pancakes installations that he made in public spaces in France , India , Austria, Germany, Netherlands , England ,Spain, Poland, China , Lithuania , Russia and the USA earned him an international. reputation.

Debesh Goswami define his own work as well :

“In my work, I never tied myself to any origin in particular because of the different cultures that have been nurtured in me and continue to do so. In my performances and installations I often use my body.
For me it is no longer to find the aesthetic form but should be considered using my body as a support. This allows me to explore my presence felt in the world of dynamic research and total isolation .These experiences promote my consciousness of belonging towards universality.
This is the same project that inspires me when I use the symbolic values of the Stupa or garlands of flowers that become , by a matching game , manifestations of this universality, whatever the time or the identity of objects and statues are considered .
“Debesh Goswami (born in 1965 ) is a Franco- Indian artist . His best known works include ” Bed of Roses ” London 1997 ” Reserved Space” Liverpool 2002 “Ambiance” Piotrkow Trybunalski,Poland,1998 ” Diving “, Paris , 2006, ” Uprooted “, Moscow 2007 ” Metamorphosis “Art Omi” New-York 2008, and ” I am what I am,” installation at the Birla Museum,Kolkata, 2007, and ” Fragil hand” campus of the university of Vienna in 2014 , “Flower Figure ” Space Ferdinand Brunot,Paris 2011. Museum of Apel·les Fenosa.

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