Laurent Lacotte

Sculpture by Laurent Lacotte / 13319Sculpture by Laurent Lacotte / 13318Sculpture by Laurent Lacotte / 13317Sculpture by Laurent Lacotte / 13316Sculpture by Laurent Lacotte / 13315

Since the early 2010s, Laurent Lacotte’s politically engaged interventions and photographs in public space have, through the artist’s furtive, ephemeral, anti-monumental gestures, boldly tackled the dysfunction of contemporary society, and sometimes even the symbols that supposedly represent, in the words of historian Pierre Nora, “realms of memory” — places where common history federates a nation.
Lacotte follows in the spirit of other artist activists who shift the modus operandi of their interventions and adapt them to today’s context: from grand narratives to simple, often humorous and poetic, but equally unforgiving acts.

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