Kelly Maker

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I am a photographer and digital artist currently based in Melbourne, Australia. I have always had a drive to explore anything and everything creative. Experimenting with illustration, music, painting, and after many failed (or perhaps successful) experimentation, I landed on photography as my tool of choice. It was only after this that editing followed. I began editing images almost exactly a year ago when I started taking film photos for small fashion brands in Australia. It was born out of a desire not to conform to the same photography style that is regurgitated over and over, and I found that despite my photography being inspired by the great photographers of past and present, I had the ability to manipulate them into something more interesting and unique to me. My works do follow a series of themes, whether they are the paper collages, glitter edits, or see through edits and so on, they all focus on the model and rarely stray to anything other than a human subject. More recently I have focused more on my own photography and aim to one day, exclusively edit my own work.

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